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1. Practice Using a Ball Machine. Possibly the best way to practice alone is using a ball machine. With a ball machine, you can train just about every aspect of your game other than the serve. You can set up the ball machine to feed you forehands and backhands in combination with overhead shots. You can also approach the net and practice your volleys.

How To Practice Tennis Alone | 5 Most Effective Ways For 2021

One of the best ways to practice alone is to use the tennis ball machine. There are a few more ways to make the best of your time and practice tennis alone at home. An alternative to the tennis ball machine is hitting against a wall or backboard.

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A solo practice session allows you to hit 100's of serves, all you need is a basket of balls, and you can hit one serve after another. To mix it up, you can bring in targets (use a tube of balls), aim for them, and try to hit different serves at different times.

How To Practice Tennis Alone in 2020 : Drills, Pros and Cons

Another way you can practice tennis by yourself at home is to hit a ball against a wall or a backboard that you can install right in your garage. All you need is a tennis racquet, a tennis ball and a wall. By installing a backboard tight in your backyard, you can practice tennis alone right in the comfort of your home. This is especially great for when you live far away from a tennis court.

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One of the simplest ways of how you can practice tennis alone involves your footwork. Tennis requires constant movement. Therefore, how you move about on the court is an essential factor in striking a tennis ball. Practicing your footwork will provide the following benefits: Footwork can help you to recover quickly. You can hit the ball early.

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